Case Studies

At JDB DenseFlow, our experience over the past 30+ years designing, fabricating and assisting with the ongoing maintenance of custom conveying systems, for a wide range of industries and applications, has allowed us to continuously improve the design and quality of our components and designs and the performance of each and every one of our systems; so we not only do we stand behind each and every system we build, but we guarantee them.  Our engineering team focuses on the specific needs and challenges of each individual project in order to ensure that we deliver the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective system available each and every time.

In this section, we have highlighted some of the more interesting solutions and challenging projects we have worked on in recent years in order to provide a better understanding of how we may be able to your with you project(s).  The case studies will give a general overview of the customer we worked with, the challenges we had to overcome, the solutions we developed and the impact in terms of efficiencies and cost savings, where that data is available. 

List of Common Materials conveyed with JDB Dense Flow Dense Phase Conveying Systems:


Acetate Diatomaceous Earth Lime Sand (Reclaim)
Activated Carbon Dolomite Lime (Dolomitic) Silica Sand
Almonds Dolomite Lime Lime (Hydrated) Soda Ash
Alumina Electric Arc Furnace Dust Limestone (Ground) Soybean Hulls
Aluminum Feed Products Limestone Filler Urea
Appelite Fly Ash Magnesium Oxide Vinyl Acetate
Barium Carbonate Glass Batch Plastic Pellets Zircon
Bentonite Glass (Powder) Plastic Resin  
Calcium Carbonate Glass (Cullet) Polycarbonate Resin  
Carbon (Fines) Glass (Crushed) PVC Resin  
Cement Graphite Pot Ash  
Clay Graphite (Powder) Rice  
Clay (Fines) Gypsum Sand  
Coal (Fines) Iron (Fines) Sand (Fine)  
Coke Iron Oxide Sand (Foundry)  
  Kaolin Sand (New)  


Don't see your material listed, contact our Engineering Department @ 800-822-356 x203 or eng@jdbdenseflow.com to see if your application is a candidate for Dense Phase Conveying.


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