Compact Bin Vent (Square)

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Category: Dust Collection


The design of the Dense Flow Square Bin Vent allows operators and/or maintenance personnel easy access to the units filter cartridges through a hinged door with captive handles.  The Square Bin Vent also features an easy cartridge removal process.  Depending on the bin vent model either three or four filter cartridges are held in place by a removable cartridge rack; the amount of racks within the unit also depends on the model.  During normal operation the removable cartridge rack compresses a gasket between the filter cartridges and bin vent housing forming an air tight seal.  This seal insures no dirty or dust laden air can escape the bin vent housing. The cartridge rack is held in place with an alignment pin.  To remove a cartridge, simply open the door of the unit, remove the alignment pin and slide out the removable cartridge rack.  This easy and fast cartridge removal system was designed to reduce downtime in the event the filter cartridges need to be replaced.




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