Cone Bottom Pressure Vessel

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Category: Pressure Vessels

Dense Phase Cone Bottom Pressure Vessel Image

Dense Flow Cone Bottom Pressure Vessels are designed and built according to A.S.M.E. code with a pressure rating of 125psi, and temperature rating of 300 Deg. F.  Standard pressure vessel sizes range from 1 cubic foot to 250 cubic feet in capacity.  All Dense Flow Cone Bottom Pressure Vessels feature a 60 Deg. cone section that is formed by making multiple breaks or bends to insure cone section wall thickness is consistent throughout. Also, every Dense Flow Pressure Vessel is mounted with leg supports that are adjustable.  The adjustable legs are raised or lowered by turning a threaded rod, and make removal of attached components like the Charging Hopper and Cone Valve assembly fast and easy should maintenance / inspection be required. The adjustable legs also allow quick inspection access to the pressure vessels gaskets and seals.  

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