Diverter Valve

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Category: Pipeline Components

pneumatic convey line diverter valve imageThe Dense Flow Diverter Valve is designed for use on pneumatic conveying pipelines, and has a working pressure up to 90 PSI.  The diverter valve housing is cast from ductile iron, and its unique design minimizes wear and tear on the valves internal components.

The Dense Flow Diverter Valve features a unique pocket design, similar to that of the Dense Flow Pocket Elbow, wherein, the initial flow of material into the diverter valve collects, or is trapped in a pocket.  This trapped material then acts as a barrier for any remaining material moving through the valve.  The barrier formed by the trapped material protects the valves internal components, which greatly reduces the wear on those components within the valve.  Reducing the wear on the internal components within the diverter valve results in minimal downtime, and less maintenance being performed on the valve.




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