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Category: Pressure Vessels

Dense Phase Elbo Flow Pump Image

Dense Flow Elbo-Flo conveying systems feature low material conveying velocity, minimal moving parts, and low energy consumption.  The Elbo-Flo Pressure Vessel offers an economical dense phase conveying solution where low tonnage rates are required.    Typical systems are based on batch dense phase pneumatic conveying principals, and are capable of conveying up to 2,000#/Hr. depending on material characteristics.  The compact size of the Elbo-Flo Pressure Vessel allows for installation in areas with low headroom.

The Dense Flow Elbo-Flo Pressure Vessel was designed as an economical alternative to a traditional pressure vessel where low material convey rates are required (typically less than 2000#/Hr. depending on material charicteristics).  Elbo-Flo Pressure Vessels feature minimal moving parts, and rugged components that help to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs. 

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