Ball Mill Unloading

Dense Phase pneumatic conveying offers a conveying solution for ball mill unloading that is fully enclosed (dust free), and conveys material at low velocities with minimal moving parts.   A Ball Mill is a large rotating cylinder filled with heavy grinding balls used to pulverize a variety of materials into fine powders.  Material exiting the discharge of a ball mill is often extremely fine and aerated, so, mechanical methods of conveying (belt, screw conveyors, etc.) can leak dust and material into the area surrounding the ball mill potentially causing hazardous or harmful conditions.  A dust free conveying method (Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying) is preferred.  Also, because the material pulverized in ball mills is often abrasive the low material velocity and minimal moving parts within a Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system insures system downtime and maintenance costs are kept low.  

JDB Ball Mill Unloading Solutions

At JDB Dense Flow our Ball Mill Unloading systems feature a fully enclosed (dust free) dense phase pneumatic conveying system, with low average material velocities and minimal moving parts throughout the system (in most cases only one moving part, the Dense Flow Cone Valve Assembly).  Each ball mill unloading system we design is custom tailored to provide a Dense Phase conveying system that maximizes Ball Mill unloading rates and minimizes wasted energy. Our advanced air delivery system closely monitors pressures during a material convey cycle, and adds air only when necessary to maintain the systems optimal conveying pressure.  This insures that the material is conveyed with minimal wasted energy, at the lowest possible velocity resulting in pipeline components lasting significantly longer.  The Advanced Air Delivery System is monitored and controlled through an electric panel that features a color touch screen display.  From the display operators can monitor the conveying system, as well as make changes if necessary. 


Ball Mill Unloading Dense Phase System Layout
Pneumatic dense phase Ball Mill unloading system layout


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Ball Mill Unloading Components

Because the material conveyed in our Ball Mill unloading systems is often highly abrasive, the Dense Flow components included are designed to minimize system downtime and lower overall maintenance costs.  Custom options like milling chip catch screens used to capture worn grinding balls before they enter the conveying system possibly causing wear issues are also available.  

Cone Valve

When combined with the Dense Flow Charging Hopper and Pressure Vessel, the Cone Valve it is the only moving part within the entire Dense Flow Dense Phase Conveying System. Many competitors will use a minimum of three valves to perform the same functions as a single cone valve.  Compared to a butterfly valve (butterfly valves are commonly used on competitors dense phase systems) the Cone Valve can last up to 10 times longer, and because it is the only moving part throughout the system spare parts inventory is reduced, and system downtime is lowered. 

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Pocket Elbow

The Pocket elbow is a cast short radius elbow designed with a pocket at the material deflection point (the deflection point is where the material being conveyed contacts an elbow or bend and is redirected).  Incoming material is trapped in the elbows pocket and provides a barrier at the deflection point against any material being conveyed through the elbow.  By trapping material and protecting the material deflection point the Dense Flow Pocket Elbow will consistently last up to 10 times longer than other types of convey line elbows.

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Dust Collection

JDB Dense Flow Compact Bin Vents feature the most efficient filter cartridges available and are capable of handling flow rates up to 3312 CFM.  The highly efficient cartridges combined with the dense flow air pulse cleaning system and minimum 3 cartridge design enhances dust release for superior cleaning which greatly increases the lifespan of the cartridges.  The bin vents compact design allows for installation in tight areas, and each unit is custom built to optimize efficiency.  

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Ball Mill Unloading Case Studies

JDB Dense Flow Ball Mill Unloading systems are designed to maximize unloading rates.  The minimal moving parts in the Dense flow System and proprietary pipeline component designs minimize overall system downtime and maintenance costs.  In our 30+ years’ experience our engineers have designed numerous Ball mill unloading systems handling a variety of different materials. 

Case Studies by Material

Case Studies by Industry


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