Diverter Valve

The unique design of the Dense Flow Diverter Valve greatly increases its working lifespan, and minimizes maintenance downtime by using conveyed material to protect its most vulnerable areas.  A diverter valve is used in a pneumatic conveying system to “divert” material being conveyed to two or more different destination locations.  Because diverter valve components are in the flow of material on a pneumatic conveying system, the components within can wear quickly if not properly built or designed.  A diverter valve designed for use on a pneumatic conveying system should have few moving parts and be built from materials that can withstand abrasion over long periods of time.  

Dense Flow Diverter Valve Picture

Dense Flow Diverter Valve Features

The Dense Flow Diverter Valve features a unique pocket design, similar to that of the Dense Flow Pocket Elbow, wherein, the initial flow of material into the diverter valve collects, or is trapped in a pocket.  This trapped material then acts as a barrier for any remaining material moving through the valve.  The barrier formed by the trapped material protects the valves internal components, which greatly reduces the wear on the otherwise vulnerable components within the valve.  Reducing the wear on the internal components within the diverter valve results in minimal downtime, and less maintenance being performed on the valve.


Diagram of Dense Flow Diverter Valve Features
Diverter Valve image with features
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Air Actuator and Linkage

Along with the unique pocket design, the Dense Flow Diverter Valve features components that are built to withstand highly abrasive materials.  A durable vein type pneumatic actuator is used to rotate a stainless steel shaft and arm to either the bypass (strait through), or divert (90 Deg.) position.  The actuator features a reliable single moving part design, and a durable corrosion resistant finish.  A limit switch is used to electrically signal whether the valve is correctly positioned. 

Rubber Valve Seals

The arm and shaft connect to two vulcanized rubber valve seals that are precisely machined to insure a proper seal.  Vulcanization is a chemical process for converting natural rubber or related polymers into more durable materials via the addition of sulfur or other equivalent curatives or accelerators.  The rubber valve seal is compressed against a machined seat bushing and forms an air tight seal up to 90 PSI. 

Seat Bushings

There are two seat bushings in the Dense Flow Diverter Valve, and while the diverter valve is in either the bypass or divert position one of the seat bushings will be in the flow of material and not protected by the trapped or pocketed material.  Because the seat bushings will be in the flow of material we harden them through a heat treating process to a minimum hardness of 450 BHN (3+ times harder than non heat treated).  Using a durable actuator, robust arm & shaft, vulcanized rubber valve seals, and hardened seat bushings gives our customers the peace of mind that the components within the Dense Flow Diverter Valve are as tough as the cast ductile iron body their housed in.

Inspection Opening

The Dense Flow Diverter Valve also features a “T” style inspection opening.  The inspection opening allows for easy access to the valves internal components should inspection or maintenance be required.  The valve also includes spool pieces or flanged pipe stubs on the valve outlets, and the spool pieces can be built to custom lengths for easy installation.  Custom divert angles are also available.

Diverter Valve Experience

JDB Dense Flow Diverter Valves have been used on all types of pneumatic conveying system pipelines to divert a variety of materials.  The rugged components housed within the tough dense flow diverter valve body and the unique pocket design that protects those components, insures that the valve will outlast all others. 

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