Pocket Elbow

The Dense Flow Pocket Elbow offers the best solution where a turn or bend is needed on a pneumatic conveying system pipeline, particularly on systems where abrasive material is being conveyed.  The pocket elbow can outlast other types of pneumatic convey line elbows 10 – 1 because its unique design protects the elbow at its most susceptible area, the material deflection point.  The deflection point is where material first contacts the elbow and is redirected through the convey pipeline.  The proven design of the Pocket Elbow traps material at the deflection point in a “pocket”; the trapped material acts as a barrier protecting the Pocket Elbow from any remaining material being conveyed.  Also, the short radius design of the Pocket Elbow reduces material velocity as it is redirected through the pipeline further increasing its working lifespan, and reducing the likelihood of fines forming.  In other types of pneumatic convey line elbows like long radius sweep bends centrifugal force pulls material into the elbows deflection point and both velocity and friction increase, causing material degradation and the formation of material fines as well as increased elbow wear.

Pneumatic Convey line Pocket Elbow


JDB Pocket Elbow Features

JDB Dense Flow Pocket Elbows are formed from a proprietary blend of cast ductile iron proven to increase elbow lifespan.  Unlike grey iron casting done by many of our competitors, ductile iron is not brittle so our elbows are not susceptible to cracking.  Also, ductile iron strength can be further increased through a heat treating process should optional elbow hardening be required.  All Dense Flow Pocket Elbows feature 150# B.C. flanges on the elbows inlet and outlet, with a machined groove to insure the convey pipeline is properly aligned.  Improper alignment between the convey pipeline and elbow will cause both the elbow and convey pipeline to wear faster than normal.  A coupling is also machined in the back of every Dense Flow Pocket Elbow which allows easy access for elbow inspection and / or installation of air lines or monitoring devices.  

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Pocket Elbow Experience

JDB Dense Flow Pocket Elbows have been used successfully with a variety of different materials, and pneumatic conveying platforms. With the first sale dating back to 1958 the Pocket Elbow can be found throughout the world on both dense phase and dilute phase systems, truck unload pipelines and everything in between. The time tested, proven performance of the Dense Flow Pocket Elbow means it will be the longest lasting pneumatic convey pipeline elbow you ever use.

Contact our engineering department at eng@jdbdenseflow.com, 727-785-8500 x203 to speak with an engineer about the long lasting Pocket Elbow.

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