Weighed Batch Unloading

Weighed batch unloading systems are often critical in the production of finished goods; a conveying system that requires minimal maintenance and downtime is key, along with a system that can be automated to fit the varying complexities of every facilities weighed batch unloading needs.  Dense Phase Pneumatic conveying systems offer a wide range of automation capabilities as well as a reliable, cost effective solution for weighed batch unloading.  Manufacturers often produce goods that require specific weighed amounts of raw materials before a final product is produced (ie. Resin, calcium carbonate, and dyeing ingredients are blended in specific quantities before being extruded to form PVC pipe).    Also, weighed amounts of additives and filler materials are often mixed with products to increase their quality and / or working volume, (ie. adding hydrated lime with asphalt will increase the usable volume of asphalt).   Conveying systems are used on many different platforms for weighed batch unloading.  They are used most commonly to either feed material into a blending operation, or to convey material after being blended for packaging or use in production.   

JDB Weighed Batch Unloading Experience

At JDB Dense Flow our Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Fluidized Tube Feeder offer reliable solutions for weighed batch unloading from start to finish.  Our engineers have experience with integrating Dense Phase Conveying and Feeding systems into existing blending / mixing operations, as well as developing fully automated material feeding systems from scratch.  Regarding material conveying from point A to B in a weighed batch unloading system, our Dense Phase conveying systems feature an advanced air delivery system with low material velocity, and less wasted energy.  The advanced air delivery system closely monitors pressure during a material convey cycle, and air is added only when necessary in order to maintain an optimal conveying pressure.  Electric controls on each weighed batch unloading system are unique, and our engineers custom tailor each control system.  Our electric panels feature color touch screen displays where operators can monitor system operation as well as make on the fly changes to system parameters if necessary. 


Dense Phase Weighed Batch Unloading System Layout
Pneumatic dense phase Weighed Batch unloading system layout


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Weighed Batch Unloading Components

JDB Dense Flow Components designed for use on weighed batch unloading systems feature longer lifespans intended to minimize system downtime, and decrease overall maintenance costs.  In a Dense Phase conveying system it is often the components within the system that differentiate from one manufacturer from the next.  


Cone Valve

Dense Phase Cone valve

The Dense Flow Cone Valve is cast from a proprietary blend of ductile iron and is designed to charge (fill), vent, and seal the pressure vessel on a dense flow dense phase conveying system.  The unique design of the Dense Flow Cone Valve allows for single valve operation where competitors will often use three or more valves to achieve the same results.  


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Pocket Elbow

Pneumatic Convey Line Pocket Elbow

The dense flow pocket elbow is intended for use on pneumatic conveying pipelines where a turn or bend is required.  The unique design of the pocket elbow creates a barrier at its most critical point (the material deflection point).  By protecting the material deflection point the lifespan of a dense flow pocket elbow is greatly increased and it can outlast other elbows 10 – 1.


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Fluidized Tube Feeder

Pneumatic Fluidized Tube Feeder

The dense flow fluidized tube feeder was designed to discharge material from a material storage bin to a material weighing operation.  Air is pulsed at timed intervals to promote material flow, and an electric control system allows operators to control flow rates for accurate weighing.  The fluidized tube feeder is built with robust dense flow components designed to increase component lifespans which minimize downtime and maintenance costs.




Weighed Batch Unloading Case Studies

JDB Dense Flow weighed batch unloading systems are designed around the proven dense flow dense phase material conveying system.  Our engineers have experience incorporating our systems and components into existing weighing operations as well as designing new installations.  The advanced air delivery system and dense flow components insure the material transfer in our weighed batch unloading systems convey with a low material velocity, minimal moving parts, and less wasted energy.  These system characteristics translate into longer components lifespans which minimizes system downtime, and decreases overall maintenance costs.   

Case Studies by Material

Case Studies by Industry


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