Baghouse Unloading

When it comes to conveying solutions for Baghouse Unloading, a Dense Phase Pneumatic System offers a reliable, low maintenance, low cost answer. Virtually all industrial facilities have some form of dust collection, and often times it comes in the form of a Baghouse. Baghouse style dust collection systems operate with a powerful fan used to create suction through a series of ductwork. Dust laden air is pulled through the ductwork into a large dust collector or baghouse. The baghouse typically contains several cloth or fabric filters that capture and remove the dust from the air being pulled through the baghouse. Once enough dust has accumulated on the filters to no longer allow air to pass through, a filter cleaning process begins. The filter cleaning process varies, but commonly the filters are either shaken and or pulsed with blasts of air which knocks the captured dust off where it then falls into discharge hoppers on the bottom of the baghouse. A Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system is often used to remove the collected dust from the baghouse discharge hoppers

JDB Baghouse Unloading Solutions

JDB Dense Flow Baghouse Unloading Solutions are custom tailored to work with a variety of different baghouse manufactures and configurations. Our systems guarantee that the desired material conveying rate is met, and material is conveyed at low velocities with minimal wasted energy. Low material velocity in a pneumatic conveying system can dramatically increase the lifespan of the systems components. The Dense Flow Advanced Air Delivery System insures low material velocity by closely monitoring system operations and adding air only when necessary to maintain an optimal conveying pressure. At JDB Dense Flow our Dense Phase systems do not require air boosters along the convey pipeline. Air boosters have been known to waste energy and cause increased material velocities in pneumatic conveying systems, this can correlate to increased wear on the convey pipeline and components.

Dense Phase Components

Because it is often the components within a Dense Phase Conveying System that differentiate one manufacturer from another, at JDB Dense Flow we’ve designed our components to outlast all others.  The proprietary design of our Dense Flow Cone Valve and Charging Hopper assembly reduced the number of moving parts throughout our conveying systems (Only one moving part on most JDB systems).  Also, our Dense Flow Pocket Elbows feature a unique pocket design and have been known to outlast other pneumatic pipeline elbows (sweep bends) by up to 10 times.

Cone Valve

The Dense Flow Cone Valve, when combine with the Dense Flow Charging Hopper is able to achieve the same performance results where competitors require three or more valves on their Dense Phase conveying Systems. The Cone Valve is cast from ductile iron and features a machined sealing area that creates a stronger seal as the pressure within a conveying system increases.

Pipe Stub

The Dense Flow Densealloy Pipe Stub is a 2’ hardened section of SCH. 80 pipe. Our Densealloy Hardening process insures the stubs I.D. is 600 BHN which translates into a piece of pipe that will last up to 8 times longer than non-hardened pipe. The Densealloy Pipe Stub was designed as an alternative to replacing an entire length of pipe.

Pocket Elbow

The Dense Flow Pocket Elbow is intended for use on pneumatic conveying pipelines, particularly where highly abrasive materials are being conveyed. The cast, short radius elbow body features a unique pocket at the materials deflection point. The deflection point is where material first makes contact with the elbow; it’s also the point at which wear is most likely to occur.