Batch Dense Phase Conveying

JDB Dense Flow Batch Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems feature superior system components, and an advanced air delivery system that conveys at the lowest possible material velocity with minimal wasted energy.  A Batch Conveying system is the most common form of dense phase pneumatic conveying, and offers a cost effective method for conveying dry, bulk material from point A to B.  As the name suggests a batch system conveys material one “batch” at a time, and the batch size is determined by the size of the pressure vessel used on a dense phase pneumatic conveying system.  The main system components and sequencing operation for a batch dense phase pneumatic system will be similar from one manufacturer to the next.  Every system includes a pressure vessel, a valve or valves used to fill and seal the pressure vessel, a convey pipeline, pipeline components, and finally an air / electric control system. Low material velocity is critical in a dense phase conveying system because the material being handled is often abrasive and / or fragile. Also, the components within a batch dense phase conveying system can mean the difference between going months vs. years before any maintenance on the system is required.  Choosing a dense phase system that conveys with low material velocities and features proven components designed to last is key.

JDB Batch System Experience

At JDB Dense Flow our Batch Dense Phase Conveying Experience over the last 30+ years has led us to develop a conveying system with low material velocity, minimal wasted energy, and superior components designed to outlast all others.  Our Batch Dense Phase Systems are in use throughout the world conveying hundreds of different materials at varying rates and distances.

Because low material velocity is critical and material being conveyed in a Dense Phase System is often abrasive or fragile JDB Batch systems feature an Advanced Air Delivery System designed with accurate pressure monitoring devices and an air control system that adds compressed air only when necessary to maintain the optimal conveying pressure during a material transfer.  Additionally, the material transfer in our Batch Dense Phase Systems do not require air boosters on the convey pipeline. Air boosters on the convey pipeline can increase material velocity, waste energy, and increase maintenance costs.

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JDB Dense Phase Systems feature minimal moving parts, and pipeline components developed to protect their vital areas and increase their overall lifespans.  The Dense Flow Cone Valve features a unique design, and when combined with the Dense Flow Charging Hopper assembly is the only moving part throughout an entire Batch Dense Phase System.  Our Dense Flow Pocket Elbow is intended for use on pneumatic conveying pipelines, and its “pocket” design protects the most vulnerable areas of the elbow and can outlast other pneumatic convey line elbows 10-1.

Batch Conveying Case Studies

With Batch Dense Phase Conveying systems throughout the world conveying a multitude of different materials, we have the experience to design a system that will maximize conveying rates and minimize system operational costs.  Low material velocity, and components designed to outlast all others insures a worry free conveying system.

Case Studies by Material