Bulk Bag Unloading

Dense Phase pneumatic conveying offers an efficient, low cost solution for unloading bulk bags. Bulk bags are commonly made from polyester or woven materials, and are used to store and or transport large volumes of dry, free flowing materials. Bulk bags typically range from 10 – 100 cubic feet containing up to 2 tons of material, and offer a variety of lifting and material discharge options.

JDB Bulk Bag Unloading

At JDB Dense Flow we offer bulk bag unloading solutions that are custom tailored to each applications specific challenges, and can handle every aspect of your bulk bag unloading challenge. We feature bulk bag rack systems that range from basic forklift loading and gravity material discharge to electrically operated hoist and trolleys with fully enclosed dust tight bulk bag docking, and material discharge assist devices.

When it comes to the material transfer in a bulk bag unloading system the Dense Flow Dense Phase pneumatic conveying system is a proven reliable solution for getting material from point A to B. The Dense Flow Dense Phase pneumatic system features an advanced air delivery system that closely monitors pressure during a material convey cycle, and adds air only when necessary to maintain the systems optimal conveying pressure. This insures that the material is conveyed with minimal wasted energy, at low velocity. Low material velocity combined with the time tested JDB Dense Flow components means less wear and tear on the system, minimal maintenance downtime, and low operational costs.

Bulk Bag Unloading Components

Reliable components are essential for a successful bulk bag unloading operation.  Every component from the bulk bag rack and hoisting mechanism to the components on the material conveying system must feature robust materials of construction and designs proven to increase component lifespans.  Every JDB Dense Flow component designed for use on our Bulk Bag Unloading systems have been continually developed to insure the highest quality and longest component lifespan is achieved.

Bulk Bag Unloading Case Studies

Unloading bulk bags with a Dense Flow Dense Phase pneumatic conveying system is the perfect marriage because the characteristics that make a material a good candidate for storage in bulk bags (Dry, Free Flowing materials are commonly stored/transported in bulk bags), are also characteristics that make a good candidate for Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying.  In our 30+ years’ experience we’ve designed numerous bulk bag unloading systems for a variety of different materials, across a wide range of industries.

Case Studies by Material/Industry