Materials Conveyed: PVC Resin, Calcium Carbonate
Type of Conveying System(s):Batch Dense Phase , Weighed Batch Unloading
Customer:IPEX, IPEX CANADA | Edmonton, Alberta

The Challenge

In an effort to keep up with the increasing demands for their PVC products IPEX determined that they needed to increase the output capacity of their 4 PVC blending systems. Each blending system combined a proprietary blend of Calcium Carbonate, PVC Resin, Minor Ingredients, and Liquids. The materials were conveyed to weigh hoppers above a heating mixer, which then dropped into a cooling mixer. From the cooling mixer the blended material would then drop into a dilute phase conveying system where it would be transported to one of a possible 36 silos. The dilute phase conveying system transporting the blended material from the mixers to the silos was working at full capacity where the heating and cooling mixers were at half capacity.

The Solution

To allow the existing heating and cooling mixers on the 4 blending systems to operate at full capacity, 4 new JDB Dense Flow Weighed Batch dense phase conveying systems were installed to replace existing dilute phase systems that were unreliable and couldn’t keep up with the full capacity of the heating and cooling mixer output. Along with upgrading the conveying system at the discharge of the heating and cooling mixers, a redesign and upgrades were made to the conveying, and control systems feeding the hoppers above the mixers.

Three of the four blending systems required the JDB dense phase systems to be capable of conveying distances over 700 ft., at a 10,000 Lb./ Hr. minimum capacity. The fourth, and largest system was required to convey distances over 700 ft., with a minimum capacity of 20,000 lb./hr. All capacity requirements were achieved with ease.

In conjunction with the JDB dense phase systems meeting the required rate capacities; IPEX wanted a system that was rugged, and could easily automate with existing control systems. The electric control systems on this job featured Allen Bradley CompactLogix controllers that were easily integrated into IPEX’s existing blending control panels. Each of the JDB Dense Flow electric control systems featured touch screen displays where operators could monitor and make basic system setting changes on the fly.


The JDB Dense Flow Weighed Batch Unloading systems installed at the IPEX - Alberta, Canada facility helped to increase capacity by allowing the plants existing PVC blending operation to operate at full capacity. The Dense Phase systems installed were able to achieve IPEX’s desired material convey rate which gave their existing blending systems the ability to double batch, essentially doubling the amount of raw materials that could be produced for the extrusion of PVC pipe. The JDB systems provided also gave IPEX reliable conveying systems that use minimal moving parts, and feature robust components designed to minimize maintenance costs, and reduce system downtime.

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