Day Bin / Storage Unloading

When it comes to unloading dry, free flowing material from bulk storage bins a Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System delivers material from point A to B with less maintenance, lower operational costs, and less wasted energy then other forms of material conveying. Bulk materials necessary for plant production are often stored in material storage bins also known as Day Bins. From the Day Bins the material is conveyed for use in a facilities manufacturing or production. A conveying system with low material velocity and minimal moving parts will help to minimize downtime, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

JDB Dense Phase Storage Bin Unloading

JDB Dense Flow Dense Phase Pneumatic Day Bin Unloading systems require minimal moving parts for operation (only one moving part for most applications). By minimizing the moving parts throughout the conveying system there are fewer points for failure, making JDB Dense Phase systems reliable even when conveying highly abrasive materials. Every JDB Dense Phase Storage Unloading system features an advanced air delivery system that maintains the conveying systems optimal conveying pressure insuring low material velocities and minimal wasted energy. Unlike many competitors air control systems, the Dense Flow Advanced Air Delivery system does not require air boosters along the convey pipeline. Air boosters have been known to increase material velocity and add wear points along the convey pipeline which can increase maintenance costs and system downtime.

JDB Storage Bin Unloading Components

The Dense Flow Components engineered for use in every JDB Dense Phase system feature proven designs that aid in minimizing system downtime and overall maintenance costs.

Day Bin Unloading Case Studies

Every Dense Phase Day Bin Unloading system built by JDB Dense Flow is guaranteed to achieve a set material convey rate.  We custom tailor each Dense Phase system to maximize unloading rates, while conveying at low material velocities, and using minimal moving parts throughout the system.  JDB Dense Flow Dense Phase Conveying systems can be found unloading a variety of dry, free flowing materials from storage bins in a number of different industries.

Case Studies by Material/Industry