Dense Phase Low Tonnage Conveying

JDB Dense Flow Low Tonnage conveying systems are designed to offer the same benefits and system features as our standard Batch Dense Phase systems with low material velocities, minimal moving parts, and pipeline components designed to outlast all others. Low Tonnage Dense Phase conveying systems are an economical conveying solution when low convey rate capacities are required to transfer dry, free flowing material from point A to B. 

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Low Tonnage systems typically have conveying rates of 2 tons / hr. or less, and are used on a variety of material unloading applications (ie. Bulk Bag Unloading, Baghouse Unloading, etc.)   The smaller vessels used on Low Tonnage Conveying Systems offer a significant cost savings, and operate using less energy when compared to a traditional pressure vessel.  Also, the convey pipeline and components on Low tonnage Systems are often less than 2”, making them less costly and installation easier.   

JDB Low Tonnage Conveying

In our 30 + years designing and building low tonnage dense phase conveying systems we’ve installed systems for a variety of different unloading solutions, handling a range of dry, free flowing materials. JDB Dense Flow Low Tonnage Conveying Systems feature the economical Elbo-Flo Conveyor designed to take the place of a traditional pressure vessel at a fraction of the cost. The Elbo-Flo conveyor incorporates proprietary JDB Dense Flow components offering a reliable, low cost Dense Phase conveying solution for rates less than 2 tons/hr. Our Low Tonnage Dense Phase systems benefit from the advanced air delivery system designed to convey with low material velocity and minimal wasted energy. The advanced air delivery system uses accurate pressure monitoring devices that communicate with an air control panel to add air only when necessary in order to maintain the conveying systems optimal conveying pressure.

Along with the cost savings of the Elbo-Flo conveyor and the low material velocity achieved with the advanced air delivery system, JDB low tonnage systems feature proprietary Dense Flow Pipeline Components that are proven to outlast all others. The Dense Flow Pocket Elbow was designed for use where a turn or bend is needed in the convey pipeline. Pipeline bends are the areas where most wear through abrasion occurs, the Pocket Elbow is designed trap material being conveyed and protect is most vital area, this translates into the Pocket Elbow outlasting other pipeline bends 10-1.

Low Tonnage Conveying Experience

Our team has over 30 years’ experience in designing low tonnage dense phase conveying systems for unloading solutions ranging from bulk bag unloading to baghouse discharge unloading systems. Because every material and conveying challenge is unique, we custom tailor each system to fit your needs. Our Low Tonnage Dense Phase systems feature low material velocity, minimal wasted energy, and components designed to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.