Railcar Unloading

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying offers a reliable solution for railcar unloading that features low material conveying velocities, and minimal moving parts within the system. Rail spur configurations can vary greatly from one facility to the next, so a conveying system that can be tailored to fit each facilities unique challenge is essential. Railcar unloading is one of the most common methods for delivering bulk quantities of material to facilities exterior storage bins or silos. Individual cars can carry up to 200,000 lbs. of free flowing material, offering a significant bulk quantity savings vs. other methods of raw material delivery. Material is typically discharged by gravity feeding out of three hopper bottom chambers located at the base of the railcar into an area under the rail spur often referred to as a “PIT”.

JDB Dense Phase Railcar Unloading

Because rail spur configurations can vary greatly from one facility to the next, our engineering team customizes each rail car unloading system to maximize unloading rates, and minimize system maintenance costs. At JDB Dense Flow our Dense Phase Railcar Unloading solutions feature an advanced air delivery system that closely monitors pressure during a material convey cycle, and adds air only when necessary to maintain the systems optimal conveying pressure. This insures that the material is conveyed with minimal wasted energy, at the lowest possible velocity. The Advanced Air Delivery System is monitored and controlled through an electric panel that features a color touch screen display. From the display operators can monitor the conveying system, as well as make changes if necessary.

JDB Railcar Unloading Components

Along with the low material velocity and minimal wasted energy achieved with the Dense Flow Advanced Air Delivery System, JDB Dense Flow Railcar Unloading Systems operate with minimal moving parts and include proprietary Dense Flow Pipeline Components designed to lengthen their lifespans reducing system downtime and overall maintenance costs.

Railcar Unloading Experience

JDB Dense Flow Railcar Unloading systems are custom tailored to maximize railcar unloading rates and minimize overall system downtime and maintenance costs.  Because each facilities rail spur is different,   in our 30+ years’ experience our engineers have designed numerous railcar unloading systems handling a variety of different materials.

Case Studies by Material/Industry