Silo Unloading

For bulk material Silo Unloading applications JDB Dense Flow Dense Phase conveying systems offer an option that is reliable, cost effective and energy efficient. Our design process guarantees that each silo unloading solution we design will achieve our customers desired material transfer rate with the lowest possible average material velocity, and minimum wasted energy. Low material velocity, and minimum wasted energy combined with our proven Dense Flow Components means minimal wear on pipeline components, less system downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

JDB Dense Phase Silo Unloading

At JDB Dense Flow our silo unloading Systems feature our Advanced Air Delivery System designed to maximize bulk material unloading rates with less wasted energy and lower material velocities than any other Dense Phase Pneumatic conveying System.  The Advanced Air Delivery System is unique in that boosters are not required along the convey pipeline for proper operation.

Many Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System manufactures will require air boosters to be installed along the convey pipeline, sometimes as frequent as every five feet.  Air boosters inject air into the pipeline during a material convey cycle and can cause the pipeline opposite of them to wear at a rapid rate, as well as increase the velocity of the material being conveyed, and waste energy.  These factors can contribute to a system with greater maintenance costs, and more downtime. 

The advanced air delivery system is monitored and controlled through an electric panel with a touch screen display where operators can view system performance and make changes to system parameters if required.  The system keeps material convey rates in the Dense Flow Dense Phase system low by adding air during a convey cycle only when necessary to main an optimal conveying pressure.  The low material convey rates and absence of wear causing boosters translates into a JDB Dense Phase conveying system that requires minimal maintenance, has less downtime, and wastes less energy than other dense phase conveying systems.  

JDB Silo Unloading System Components

The components within every Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying system are as vital to minimizing maintenance costs and reducing system downtime as the method with which air is delivered to the system. JDB Dense Phase Pneumatic conveying systems feature the Dense Flow Cone Valve for filling and sealing the pressure vessel in a dense phase system. The cone valve, when combined with our charging hopper assembly is often the only moving part throughout the entire Dense Phase conveying system (most competitors system require three or more valves to properly fill and seal their pressure vessels). JDB Pipeline components like the Dense Flow Pocket elbow also aid in minimizing costs, by trapping material in a proprietary pocket design, the elbows most susceptible area is protected allowing it to outlast other elbows up to 10-1. Our compact bin vents are highly efficient dust collection systems designed for use with our dense phase conveying systems as well as a number of other applications. Dense Flow Bin Vents include the most efficient filter cartridges available, and an air pulse cleaning system.

Silo Unloading Case Studies

JDB Dense Flow Silo unloading systems are guaranteed to achieve a given required convey rate with low material velocities and minimal moving parts.  Our Dense Phase systems have been trusted to unload silos discharging a variety of dry, free flowing materials for a number of different industries.

Case Studies by Material/Industry