Truck Unloading

Raw materials are often delivered in bulk quantities to facilities exterior storage bins or silos via bulk pneumatic truck. Bulk pneumatic trucks can carry up to 40,000 lbs. of dry free flowing material, and feature an onboard positive pressure pneumatic blower system for discharging material from the truck into the exterior bin or silo. The pneumatic blower system conveys material at a high velocity from the truck through a 4” pipeline that is manually connected to a pipeline feeding the top of a storage bin or silo. Because of the high material velocity in a truck unload system, the 4” pipeline feeding the bin or silo can wear at a rapid rate. Pipeline components designed to withstand the high material velocities of a truck unload system are key to insuring maintenance costs, and downtime are kept low. Also, an efficient dust collection system is required to properly vent the storage bin or silo the truck unload system is blowing into. discharge options.

JDB Truck Unload Components

JDB Dense Flow components feature proven designs built to stand up to the high material velocities of a Truck Unload system.

Truck Unloading Case Studies

JDB Dense Flow Truck Unloading components have been installed on exterior storage bins / silos of all shapes and sizes, and are effective with virtually any material being delivered via a bulk pneumatic truck. We offer complete systems on new installations, and can custom fit our components to directly replace existing components. In our 30+ years’ experience we’ve designed numerous truck unloading systems handling a variety of materials, for many different industries.

Case Studies by Material/Industry